Rules & Regulations

Rule and regulation:

Some of the major rule and regulation that the students of higher secondary school (grade 11 and grade 12) must follow. This regulation is published by Higher secondary Education board and endorsed by all.

  1. Regarding dress codes for students of grade 11 and 12
    1. No chose pant, No hiphop pant
    2. Pant and Skirt must be wear 1 inch above the waist
    3. Skirt must be 2 inch below the knees
    4. Shirt button can be opened only upto one inch below neck. Girls are not allowed to wear kurtha or any ladies dress which have neck more than 1 inch.
  2. Students must enter to school premises 15 minutes before start of first period and are not allowed to leave school premises until the last period finished.
  3. Students of grade 11 and 12 are not allowed to ride motorcycle, scooter in school dress. If they have caught while breaching this rule, they will be warned/cautioned for the first time, if they are found breaching this rule repeatedly, school can charge Rs. 500 every time and can even restricate them.
  4. Students of grade 11 and 12 are not allowed to use their mobile phones inside school premises. If they are found breaching this rule, school will confiscate their mobile, and will give it to their guardians. If those students repeat this act again,school will confiscate the mobile and can even fine Rs. 3000.
  5. Students of grade 11 and 12 are not allowed to enter Hotel, Restaurants Cinema Hall, Park, Shopping hall in school dress during school time. If found not following this rule, students will be caught from these places and submitted to near by police station by the stake holders and disciplinary actions will be taken.
  6. Students of grade 11 and 12 are not allowed for drinking and smoking during school hours, if found breaching this rule, following punishment will be taken:
    1. First time: Rs 3000 fine and written warning
    2. Second time: Rs 5000 fine and restricted from school
  7. Students are not allowed to bunk the classes. If found so, following disciplinary actions will be taken.
    1. First bunk: Students will be warned and submitted to guardians
    2. Second bunk: Rs 500 fine and guardians will be informed
    3. Third bunk: Rs 1000 fine and guardians informed
    4. Fourth bunk: Rs 2000 fine and warning even to guardians
    5. Fifth bunk: Restricted from school and students may not get opportunity to attend board examination.

This is just the synopsis of code of conduct related to student manners and must be followed by students. There are other many rules and regulations that the students have to follow while being in the school premises.