Message from Founder Chairperson

Creating a well balanced college is a really a herculean task. In the crowd of mushroomy colleges, students and parents should find the one where really they are led to an excellent direction. It is the right time for students and parents to distinguish differences between the so-called Hi-Fi and the better knowledge appliers. So, we at ED-MARK encourage our students to challenge with all sorts of hurdles created in New-Era. Education is for knowledge and that knowledge becomes fruitful only when it can be used in other fields of application. So, the knowledge we gain must be skill oriented. We are empowered with visionary youths and proactive faculties to impart the ways of fishing rather than giving you a fish for a day.

Message from Principal

I would like to congratulate all our prospective students for your great success in getting through the iron gate of S.L.C. Now it is time for you to join a higher secondary (10+2) school to do it in. The decision of choice of school after S.L.C. will have a profound influence on your future career, so you must be more considerate while making such a crucial decision.

Through its establishment, ED-MARK Academy has been widely acclaimed for the high quality of its teaching, high degree of discipline, it has maintained an excellence of its graduates. ED-MARK is always dedicated and concerned to introduce teaching and learning system that helps students achieve their academic potential.