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ED-MARK Academy, established in 1999 A.D. and college established in 2007 A.D. by a group of highly experienced and dedicated entire team of academician is a pioneer educational institution in Nepal. Affiliated with Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) and Tribhuvan University (TU), it is motivated with a sole objective to provide the best academic results in Science, Management, Humanities and Law in Higher Secondary Level and Managemnet, Humanities, BASW, BCA at Graduate Level. It also offers excellent value for money and its courses that one would realize why the ‘ED-MARK’ Experience has been proved so popular with thousands of students all the way through the nation. We have excellent teaching and learning facilities one would expert. We serve up Instruction and support form highly qualified and experienced faculty members. Teaching aided by audio-visual, and group discussions Extensive library with access to the wide ranges of text books, reference books, periodicals, and magazines. Wide ranges of courses tailored to an individual’s choice. Counseling on medical, engineering and management study opportunities in Nepal and abroad. Professional career advice and support. Adequate umber of laboratories for respective subjects Orientation to basis computer skills.

Why we are different?

  • To be a part of global opportunities with local tuition fees.
  • To learn real world knowledge in our interactive classroom.
  • Being a person devoted to national progress. 
  • To get acquainted with the best learning environment.
  • To help to produce globally competitive citizen.
  • To accommodate the needs of undergraduates and graduates.
  • To experience the theoretical and practical aspects of learning.
  • Being well Disciplined, Active Student & student-centered teaching-learning Activities
  • Affordable Fee
  • Friendly and Qualified Teaching Staff

Core Values

Mission & Vision


  • To produce skilled human resources in productive and professional areas
  • To Build a legacy of excellence by imparting both theoretical and practical education
  • Providing quality, student-centered education.
  •  To educate them to develop their intellectual, moral, civic, and creative capacities.
  •  Lifetime partnership analyzing and adopting a creative thinking approach.
  • To fostering a diverse and inclusive campus community.
  • To cultivate ethical leadership qualities and civic responsibility to the students.


  • To develop graduates in the areas of Science, Management and Humanities
  • To provide quality education using modern student-centered teaching methods and techniques
  • To focus all round development of students Both with CA and ECA
  • To produce physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally healthy citizen of the world.
  • To generate new knowledge and contribute to scientific, technological, social, or artistic progress.
  • To prepare students for successful careers.
  • To promote diversity in terms of race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, and other dimensions of identity.


To attain the goal, we train our faculty heads and members to disseminate quality education. We council the students regularly so that they are updated and refreshed. We have adopted the best forms of technology to let students where the world is leading. We have forwarded the idea to make the students responsible as social beings involving them in different social fields and activities

Our Team

Message from the executives

Creating a well balanced college is a really a herculean task. In the crowd of mushroomy colleges, students and parents should find the one where really they are led to an excellent direction. It is the right time for students and parents to distinguish differences between the so-called Hi-Fi and the better knowledge appliers. So, we at ED-MARK encourage our students to challenge with all sorts of hurdles created in New-Era. Education is for knowledge and that knowledge becomes fruitful only when it can be used in other fields of application. So, the knowledge we gain must be skill oriented. We are empowered with visionary youths and proactive faculties to impart the ways of fishing rather than giving you a fish for a day.

Mr. Purushottam Prasad Adhikari Founder Chairperson
ED-Mark Academy

I would like to congratulate all our prospective students for your great success in getting through the iron gate of S.L.C. Now it is time for you to join a higher secondary (10+2) school to do it in. The decision of choice of school after S.L.C. will have a profound influence on your future career, so you must be more considerate while making such a crucial decision. Through its establishment, ED-MARK Academy has been widely acclaimed for the high quality of its teaching, high degree of discipline, it has maintained an excellence of its graduates. ED-MARK is always dedicated and concerned to introduce teaching and learning system that helps students achieve their academic potential.

Mr. Shiva Prasad Adhikari Principal / Director
ED-Mark Academy

FAQS In Ed-Mark College


Why should I choose ED-MARK?

ED-MARK is run by a team of highly motivated educational professional in a prime location with affordable fee structure. The whole ED-MARK team is ever dedicated for quality education. Once you enter, you can study until you complete a Master’s Degree.

What learning experience can I acquire at ED-MARK?

ED-MARK applies student-center modern methods and techniques to cater education. It teaches valuable life skills. Is shows you the path to become a competitive global citizen.

What roles does ED-MARK play to make by achievement?

ED-MARK whole-heartedly supports you to achieve the goals you’ve set in your life. For your further help, it provides close-camp classes as well.

Does ED-MARK expose me beyond classroom?

Certainly, you must get acquainted with the world outside besides the classroom, ED-MARK involves its students in several ECAs. Our students have marked great achievements regionally and nationally in different ECAs. It also involves you for civil duties and other social activities.

Are there any scholarships available ?

ED-MARK offers a wide range of scholarship for deserving students. It also opens the door for you to claim for scholarship provided by different organizations nationally and internationally.

Does the college conduct any carrier based counseling programs?
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Can I get extra classes in college?
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How are Students involved in the practical field of their respective courses?
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